Friday, March 21, 2014

Teddy Roosevelt: The People's President by Sharon Gayle

Did you know that one of our greatest president was weak and had poor health as a child? He suffered from asthma and it was hard to breath. He couldn't see far away stuff? Have you ever heard of Teddy Roosevelt? He's the man I'm talking about! I liked how He became strong and overcame asthma and other challenges. He became a rancher, police commissioner, Military leader, and a governor. He then became vice president of the United States. When President Mckinley was killed, Teddy became president. It was an exciting time because airplanes, new inventions, cars, and movies were all invented in this time. I like these kind of things. The teddy bear was even named after him because he freed a bear that was captured. I liked this book. If you can breath, have breathed or will breth, read this book

-- c.s.b

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Solid Gold: Gymnastic Stars by Darice Bailer

Have you ever wondered how bad it would hurt to do a vault on a broken ankle and land it and then win the team gold. Well, in this story Kerri gets carried out to get her medal that she won for the the team. If you like gymnastics than you should read this book.

--  BA

Chuck Close Up Close by Jan Greenberg & Sandra Jordan

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a professional painter? Well, Chuck Close is a professional painter. My favorite part is when Close went to an event and gave a speech but then he ran to the hospital and the doctors found out he was paralyzed from neck down. I recommend this book to anybody who really likes art.

-- E.J.H

George Washington: Our First President by Garnet Jackson

Do you want to be part of the army George Washington lead? My favorite part of this book is when he is part of the army. This book is really nice to have.

-- ajh

Skating Superstars by Scholastic

Hey! Have you ever thought about being a good skater? Susan Humphreys is a great skater. Did you know that when she was three she had surgery on your shoulder? Well, Susan Humphreys went through all this. If you like to skate then you should read this biography book.

-- LG

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Taylor Swift: The Story of Me by Riley Brooks & Molly Hodgin

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sing in front of thousands of people? Well this person has. My favorite part is when Taylor Swift becomes a singer. Why do I say that? Because it was her dream become a singer. I recommend this book for any girl that wants to become a singer or for the boys whoever wants to see a pretty girl.

--- B.J.S.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Abraham Lincoln by Amy L. Cohn, Suzy Schmidt

I'll bet you guys will like this. My favorite part is when he took the tree down in 2 blows! Wow! Abe is stro-ong. What a blow! I've never seen a 9-year-old that strong! That was a 50-foot-tree! You'll like this biography. I know it.

-- CM