Book Genres

 Genre  Description
HISTORICAL FICTION Stories involving historical settings, characters and event. Events could have happened more than 50 years ago.
REALISTIC FICTION Stories involving present day settings, characters and events. Something that could have happened in your lifetime.
SCIENCE FICTION Stories involving futuristic settings, characters and events. Generally includes technological ideas that cannot happen currently.
Stories involving a puzzle that is solved through the wits and actions of the main character.
FANTASY Stories that which feature fantastic, magical, or imaginary characters or creatures. Events could not really happen.
FOLK TALES Tall tales, myths, fairy tales, or stories that originated orally.
Writing that uses symbolism, rhyme, meter and/or rhythm of speech to communicate ideas.
INFORMATIONAL Factual books that explain things that have happened, have been made or have been discovered.
Stories told through the sequence of pictures and text that is dialogue.
Books that explain about the lives of actual people.