Friday, October 1, 2010

Spider Relatives by Peter J. Patterson

Did you know scorpions with bigger pincers has a sting like a bee or wasp? Well, I learned this from a book called Spider Relatives by Peter J. Patterson. I learned a whole bunch of cool facts. One is that, if a Harvestman—also known as a Daddy Long Leg spider—loses a leg, it won't mind! As long as it doesn't lose more than two. Another fact is that the Harvestman eats bread soaked in milk and also tiny critters. The Harvestman sometimes eats dead bodies of animals, for example, a bird. I like all of these facts because I learned more than I know and now I know what the Harvestman eats. I recommend this book to people who love spiders. If you do love spiders, after reading this book, you will want to find these miraculous creatures!

-- BAW

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