Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bethany The Ballet Fairy (Dance Fairies) by Daisy Meadows

Have you ever seen a fairy before? Well this book is all about fairies. My favorite part is when the fairies came by a whoosh of wind. They tell Rachel and Kirsty that they are in trouble. Then the fairy's make the girls the size of fairy's and they come to fairyland and tell the Queen and King that Bethany (the fairy) that her ribbon got stolen from Jack Frost. Then Rachel, Kirsty, and Bethany went to a ballet show and the ballet dancers were frozen! Then the curtain covered the dancers and the goblin has frozen all the ballet dancers! Then there was a fake moon and the goblin was wearing Bethany's ribbon on his head. Then Kirsty had a idea to get the ribbon. Kirsty cut the string to the moon and it landed on the goblin. Then Kirsty finally got the ribbon. I like it because Kirsty and Rachel always go on Adventures ( beacause I like adventures). I recomend this book for people who like fairy's.

-- AMC

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