Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hardy Boys 30: The Wailing Siren Mystery by Franklin W. Dixon

Do you hear a siren? Well, that might mean trouble! It's time to call... THE HARDY BOYS by Franklin W. Dixon. Mr. Hardy, Frank and Joe Hardy are the detectives. Frank is 18 and Joe is 17. One of my most favorite parts is when they here a siren for the first time. I like this part because they're trying to find the direction it's coming from. But then something really strange happened,.... A wallet fell out of the sky with more than $200 in it! When I read that part, I was like "Wow, where did that come from?' It was cool to think what would happen. I recommend this book to people who love mysteries. After reading any of the books for your first time, you'll want to read more! This is my second one I finished (#30) and the book I'm starting now is: The Mystery of the Chinese Junk #39.

-- BAW

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