Friday, January 24, 2014

Old Man's Cave by Jeff Smith

Graphic Novel/Comic
Have you ever seen a Bone family before? My favorite part is when the Bone family is in the tree with Thorn, and Ted says that they need to go to the old man's cave where it is safe. They refuse to go. Then Thorn is getting ready to go to old man's cave while Bone and Smiley are talking. Bone and Smiley run away and the rat creatures are surounding them. Then Thorn runs and stops the rat creatures. The lord of the Locusts wants Thorn and Phoney to release it. The hooded one agrees and finally gets Thorn. Then Phoney brings them to the hooded one and Phoney and Thorn survive. I like this book because I like cartoons. I recommend this book for people that like Bone books.

-- A.M.C.

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