Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tara the Tuesday Fairy by Daisy Meadows

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be friends with the fairies and help them? That is Rachel and Kirsty. They have to keep it a secret or everything would get crazy. In this book Tara's Tuesday fun flag is missing and there are races going where and Rachel and Kirsty compete. When Rachel and Kirsty compete together they go the same speed and they both loose, but they both are happy even though they lost. They were happy for 3 reasons. The first reason is they helped Tara find the Tuesday fun flag. The second reason is Tara has the flag back, and the third reason is Tara put the flag back in fairyland. Oh I forgot, 2 reasons. So I guess that there are 5 reasons.

Well anyway. The fourth reason is everybody else is happy and the fifth reason is that Rachel is going to get at least 1 gold metal. Rachel is going to get at least 1 gold metal because of when Rachel was sprinting. If you don't know what sprinting is wich I think most of you do but anyway sprinting is running really fast. The race that Rachel and Kirsty competed together in is the sack race. In the book they call it the 3 legged race. I don't think that they should call it the 3 legged race. I think it should always be called that sack race or should be called the sack race if it isn't called the sack race.

Oh I forgot to tell you that back in the story the goblins went in a tent and the tent is were they keep all of the stuff for the races. Well anyway Rachel, Kirsty, and Fern went into the tent and looked all over and couldn't find the goblins anywere. Then Rachel saw green, large feet and in one of the sacks in the tent, Rachel saw the edge sticking out and the girls and Fern came up with a plan and got the flag. If you like fairies you should read this book.

-- A.G.

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