Thursday, October 2, 2014

Oh, what a daughter! by Judith Womersley

Annabel was a girl whose mom had no clue what to do with her. Annabel's so annoying, her mom moaned she's always late getting up and she's always last out the door with half her stuff scattered all over her floor. Annabel laughed and giggled as she walked out the door. Oh what a daughter! She's impossible for her mom. Her room was an awful mess and who would clean it up? Her mom was NOT happy. "She is such a worry." sighed Annabel's mom. "Annabel's so embarrassing." moaned her mom. Her clothes are crazy and her makeup is so strange. One night Annabel went to a game that was going to be on TV. she was so excited! "Annabel's in Hollywood!" shouted her mom. The next day they went to see who won. Annabel won. Annabel hugged her mom and her mom said, "Oh what a daughter."


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